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Murillo Construction Homes is a residential and commercial construction company in Virginia Beach. We are window installation company in Virginia Beach and provides aesthetic, security and protection from the outside elements. It also adds value to a house or building. With proper installation, your new windows will practically install themselves. Replacing your outdated or inefficient windows with our premium windows is an investment in your home’s beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency. You can trust our professional installers to efficiently install your new windows quickly and correctly so you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of your new view right away.

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The first step in any project should be to measure the windows. Take a good look at your windows and decide how much you are willing to spend on each one. Then buy or make whatever curtains, shades, or blinds you want to install on them. You will want to keep the old window trim intact unless the decorative style is really awful, in which case use an old pre-hung door or new window jamb and replace only that portion of the trim necessary for installing your window covering hardware.

We are pleased to serve you with all your window and door needs. Please contact us with any concerns or questions. We take our customer service seriously, and we want you to be happy with our services.

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Installing a window is usually a simple job. You just measure the wall, buy the right size of the window, cut out a square, shove it in, and attach it with screws. The hardest part is usually replacing an old window, where you have to scrape away paint or wood putty and glue down crumbling insulation.

When installing new windows, take great care to make sure the measure for each window is taken very carefully. If a measurement is too large, it could cause an impairment in the operation of the window. If it is too small, it will not fit properly into the existing opening. Proper measurements are necessary to insure the proper installation of the new windows within your home. Our professionals will measure your home, help you select the right window products for your needs, and provide expert installation.

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